Whiplash Treatment in Raleigh at Chiropractic Partners

Were you just in an auto accident a few days ago? Maybe it was a slip and fall. You didn’t feel any pain at first, but now your back, neck, and/or shoulders are stiff. If you try to move, you feel intense pain.

After a serious auto accident, you’re likely to have whiplash. The sooner you get your whiplash treated, the better, so don’t hesitate to contact a chiropractor for whiplash treatment near Raleigh today.

whiplash treatment with out Raleigh chiropractor

What Is Whiplash?

When you’re in an auto accident or similar incident and your head or upper body flies forward violently, you could get whiplash. Although no bones are broken, the unnatural stretching of the joints, muscles, and ligaments can lead to intense pain.

According to MedicineNet, in the United States, whiplash victims spend $30 million annually in the form of litigation, lost work hours, sick leave, disability, and medical care. Many people who suffer whiplash look to their legal rights. This injury, if untreated, can become chronic and be debilitating. 

What Happens During an Auto Accident to Cause Whiplash?

Whiplash, as mentioned, can affect the back, neck, or shoulders, sometimes all three at once. The severity of your injuries will depend on how bad the auto accident was.

Even if you’re wearing a seatbelt, a high-impact auto accident forces your body forward, often in a hard, jerking manner. Then, just as quickly, you’re pulled back into your seat after the crash.

When this occurs, the muscles, joints, and ligaments in your back, neck, or shoulders stretch to accommodate for the force of the accident. This can be exacerbated by the jerking back into your seat as well.

Whiplash Treatment in Raleigh

If you have whiplash, as mentioned, the sooner you receive treatment, the better. This condition can go from bad to worse, becoming chronic without proper medical care. One option for whiplash treatment in Raleigh is to see a chiropractor.

Your chiropractor will use techniques such as spinal decompression, adjustments, and manipulations to treat the affected muscles, joints, and ligaments. Although most chiropractic techniques are spine-focused, by correcting spinal issues caused by whiplash, pain in the neck and/or shoulders often disappears as well.

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