Problems in the spine do not always start in the spine. A common contributor to this scenario is the feet. All of our weight is eventually displaced through our feet, and if that weight distribution is not balanced, gait mechanics change. The hips, pelvis and lumbar spine absorb these effects, which eventually leads to spinal dysfunction and pain. Custom orthotics can help correct this issue. In our offices we analyze gait, hind-foot and forefoot angulation, and the 3 major arches of each foot to provide the best orthotics for every individual.  

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To help you understand the importance of orthotics and your feet as the foundation, please read below!


Imagine being your feet. Talk about being at the bottom of the totem pole! Your feet absorb about 1,000 tons of force per day and are the root of many people's health problems. In fact, the U.S. Public Health Service estimates that almost 80% of the population has a foot‑related problem. Your feet are the structural foundation of your entire body, and when there's a problem at the foundation there will be eventual problems above. Knee, hip, back and neck pain may all be initiated or aggravated by problems in the feet and ankles.


The presence of foot, leg or back problems in children is especially important because these can lead to more serious problems in the future. We've all heard the old adage as grows the twig so grows the tree. If your child has flat feet, is pigeon toed, has inverted ankles or knees or is experiencing low back pain these could be signs that there is a structural problem that should be corrected. Waiting for the child to "grow out of it" may make correction more difficult and expensive in the future or possibly leave your child with permanent problems in the future.

Many adult onset foot ailments are due to heredity and trauma.  Some are also due to weight gain, improper footwear and walking or standing on hard pavement for extended periods.  These all cause feet to lose their posture or balance leading to foot, leg and back ailments. For years, expensive shoes, cushions, injections, supports and surgery have been used to get rid of the patient's symptoms. Patients often get temporary relief but in most cases the cause of the problem, improper foot posture, has not been corrected and the problem persists and gets worse. This can cause people to miss work, lose income, and miss out on family activities and hobbies. So where does the answer lie?

First of all, in order to fully evaluate a patient the entire structural system including the feet must be assessed. The doctors at Chiropractic Partners offices prescribe orthotics (custom fit arch supports) that have the unique ability to realign the body from the bottom up. We can expertly fit you with the proper orthotic and also adjust the body to correct and balance the entire frame. The most beneficial supports are semi‑flexible orthotics shaped the way a normal foot should be shaped, and move the way a normal foot moves so they act as a "functional" correction for the existing foot abnormality. Very often patients will realize an immediate relief of pain and discomfort, and with time a structural change may be realized, correcting the existing problem.

Common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, calluses as well as ankle, knee, low back and neck pain all respond very well to a combination of orthotics and chiropractic care. If an adult or child is having discomfort in their feet, legs or back which is affecting their life they should contact one of our offices that can help correct the problem with functional orthotics and safe, gentle chiropractic adjustments. In many cases injections and surgical procedures which were thought to be the only answer can be avoided.  It's your body and your choice, which would you prefer?

"imagine being your feet" Credit:  Dr. Nicholas Ferez, Clayton NC Chiropractic Partners


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