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Light is such a pervasive, common phenomenon that we usually allow to surround us without giving it much thought. But that light also contains some important potential healing powers when amplified into certain laser frequencies. Here at Chiropractic Powers, we use the healing power of light through techniques such as cold laser therapy and high level laser therapy. We're happy to provide these safe, soothing services to help you overcome pain, heal more quickly, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Principles of Laser Therapy

The type of lasers used to treat injuries and pain problems differs from the extremely focused energy of a cutting surgical laser. Therapeutic lasers operate at power levels low enough to allow the laser to pass right through the skin. Beneath the skin, the laser triggers a biochemical reaction known as photobiomodulation. This reaction provides cells with more of an energy source called ATP, permitting them to rebuild tissues more easily and efficiently. The energy transferred by the laser also improves fluid drainage and circulation, aiding the healing process further while reducing painful symptoms.

laser therapy

Cold Laser Therapy vs. High Level Laser Therapy

There are two primary categories of therapeutic lasers: low level or cold laser therapy and high level laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is so named because it operates at a relatively low frequency level. Since this lower energy only penetrates to a depth of about half a centimeter, it is most commonly prescribed to treat superficial soft tissue injuries and nerve issues. High level laser therapy, while less powerful than a surgical laser, packs more power than cold laser therapy. Our LightForce Pro Class IV Deep Tissue Laser can penetrate several centimeters in depth, with more than 24 times the energy of cold laser therapy. This makes it an ideal option for deeper or larger injuries as well as deep-seated sources of chronic pain.

Safe, Effective Care Treatment for Many Different Conditions

Whichever type of laser therapy makes sense for your particular situation, you'll be impressed by the ease and comfort of this sophisticated form of care. Our chiropractor simply holds a handheld laser device over the treatment site as you experience a warm, relaxing sensation. Laser therapy is highly effective for treating or managing:

  • Connective tissue problems
  • Neuropathy
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle strains
  • Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain syndromes
  • Back, neck, or extremity pain and injuries
  • Many types of neuralgia

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