Chiropractic In The News

Chiropractic in the News

As more and more people seek alternatives to standard medical care, chiropractic solutions are gaining popularity and coverage in the press. As a result, the benefits and wide ranging options of chiropractic treatment are becoming more a part of mainstream wellness.

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Below are a few more examples of how chiropractic is being viewed by today’s patients and professionals. 


Chiropractic and the Military


FDA proposes doctors learn about alternative treatment for pain:


Dr. Oz says, "Chiropractic Effective for Back Pain Relief"

Dr. Oz recently featured chiropractic care and illustrated how it works plus he reported on its effectiveness for back pain relief in comparison to pain killers.

“Back pain plagues as many as 80% of us – but guzzling pain killers isn’t the only way to get relief. A new report says that chiropractic therapy is just as effective as over-the-counter pain relievers for back pain. Dr. Oz explains how your spine gets misaligned and what this treatment could do for you.”

From the link above, you can watch the segment from the Dr. Oz show.

Chicago Bulls guard Rose’s injury benefited from chiropractic care

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose recently turned to a chiropractor for treatment while missing five games because of back spasms. Rose credited his chiropractor for providing relief from the muscle pain, which caused him to leave the Bulls’ Feb. 6 game against the New Jersey Nets ...

Best Back Pain Solutions

Follow this link and click on the video, "Best Back Pain Solutions Part 2." It is the SECOND part of this segment. Dr. Oz is NOT a proponent of surgery, though a surgeon himself. While his first choice for back pain is physical therapy, he does think chiropractic is a valuable option for pain relief and sites some interesting statistics. Dr. Steven Shoshany performs an adjustment on the show.                     

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