There's nothing worse than dealing with pain every day, especially back pain. Back pain can be tough to diagnose and even tougher to treat. Chiropractic Partners can help if you're looking for a diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for your upper back pain in or around Garner, NC.


Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

At this very moment, you could be doing something that leads to back pain in the future. Often, upper back pain is caused by something as simple as years of poor posture. This is an especially common problem for people who work a desk job for years. If your job involves using your back muscles a lot, you may have simply overworked them.

Sometimes, upper back pain is caused by an injury. If you pull a muscle in your back or injure your shoulder or neck, you may experience upper back pain. In these cases, it's important to have a chiropractor diagnose you and treat your back pain.

The Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

If you've never experienced back pain before, it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms. Back pain tends to feel quite a bit different than pain in other areas of your body. You may feel a dull or burning pain in your back, whether it's caused by certain movements or simply present all the time.

Another common symptom of an upper back problem is tightness in your back muscles. You may find your range of motion is reduced and that you're in pain when you try to overextend yourself. If you have weakness or numbness in your arms and legs, you should visit a hospital as your medical issue may require more than chiropractic care can provide.

Getting Help from a Chiropractor

The good news about upper back pain is that there are treatment options. For starters, you can work on improving your posture and reducing stress on your back muscles. You can also strengthen your core and back muscles to give your back more support.

One of the best ways to relieve back pain and return to normal life is to seek treatment from a chiropractor. A good chiropractor can help you figure out what's causing your pain and how to treat it. Plus, you don't have to deal with the possible side effects of pain medication.

Are You Ready for Pain Relief?

If you've been dealing with upper back pain, now is the time to make it stop. If you're in the Garner area, visit Chiropractic Partners to find out more about how we can treat your back pain.


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