Services Offered By Your Chiropractor in Raleigh, NC

Natural Chiropractic Care From Your 

Local Raleigh Chiropractors Drs. John and Sean Smith

Drs. John and Sean Smith

Our Raleigh chiropractors offer natural care using the following chiropractic techniques: 

  • Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique - Geared toward low back pain, this technique uses a special drop table for adjustments. 
  • Diversified - One of the more common and flexible chiropractic techniques, diversified consists of manual adjustments that are fast, yet gentle. 
  • Palmer - The Palmer technique focuses on the first vertebrae of the spine. By adjusting these vertebrae and letting those beneath fall into place naturally, our chiropractor restores spinal alignment and wellness. 
  • Gonstead - With Gonstead chiropractic adjustments, we identify the subluxations along your spine, and then use our hands to restore spinal alignment and strengthen the nervous system.
  • Sports Rehab - Sports rehab services help athletes of all ages and abilities recover from injuries and end the cycle of repetitive muscle strain. 
  • Activator method - A handheld tool, the activator allows our chiropractors to make targeted adjustments the spinal column.  

Nutrition Counseling & Weight Management

Nutrition counseling supports recovery from illness and injury. When you follow our nutrition counseling advice and eat to support your healing, you'll enjoy a faster recovery, improved energy, and more.  

Some of our patients have a desire to lose weight or struggle with yo-yo dieting. For these patients, we are pleased to offer weight management services. Find out how to shed the weight and keep it off with the support of a Raleigh chiropractor, who can then make musculoskeletal adjustments as you lose weight. These adjustments support your body and take pressure off joints. 


Acupressure supports natural pain relief and complement chiropractic care. By clearing blockages in the body's energy and bringing energy to injured tissue, we can aid recovery. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture but uses manual pressure rather than needles to promote wellness. 

Natural Pain Relief

Physiotherapy relieves pain and inflammation without the use of pain medication, which comes with unwanted side effects. We offer many physiotherapies at our Raleigh clinic, including electrical muscle stimulation, physical therapy, and ultrasound.

Stress Reduction

Stress plays a role in wellness. Learn what may be causing you to be stressed and natural ways to beat stress, avoid overwhelm, and boost your mood. Managing your stress has lifelong benefits and can speed the pace of your recovery. 

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