New Patient Information

First...Thank you for trusting Chiropractic Partners with your care, you made the right decision to contact us!

As a new patient, please allow 45 minutes or up to an hour for your first visit. This is a very comprehensive visit, (or could be a consultation only) with a thorough history and examination. Our doctors want to listen to truly understand your condition and its causes. Then we can chart the best path to alleviating the pain and restoring your health and wellness.

You will be asked some of these questions: how long you have had the pain? what makes it better or worse? Is the pain sharp or dull, achy or tingling? We often perform range of motion tests with some hands-on examinations of the involved areas. In addition, both orthopedic and neurological exams are performed as needed. All our offices have on-site X-rays for your convenience, if they are needed.  

After this thorough exam, if we don't think we can help you, we will refer you to the appropriate medical provider or recommend a different care path for you.  Our ultimate goal is putting you and your health first!  As our mission states, we are here to restore your health and wellness!

Wondering more about what your first appointment might be like?  Click here to read about blog about your 1st visit.


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