Neck Pain

Get Drug-Free Neck Pain Treatment With Our   Chiropractic Team

Our chiropractor team at Chiropractic Partners, serving Raleigh, Cary, Durham and surrounding North Carolina communities, takes our mission of "restoring health and wellness" seriously. Neck pain, which is often related to stress, is one of the more common conditions that people come in to see us for. We're happy to provide comprehensive and drug-free care for this condition in a relaxed holistic environment.

Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Risk Factors

Neck pain often feels sore, stiff, achy, or sharp (especially with certain movements). If you have neck pain, you may also notice a range of motion limitations, muscle tenderness, headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, and (if nerve compression in the cervical spine is occurring) numbness, tingling, pain, and/or weakness in the arm or hand.

Why would such symptoms and signs occur? We commonly diagnose the following neck pain conditions:

  • Whiplash: a neck pain syndrome caused by rapid flexion and extension of the neck
  • Tech neck: temporary neck pain caused by flexing the head forward while using a phone 
  • Disc herniation/bulge: a rupture and leaking of a disc or an abnormal protrusion
  • Cervical stenosis: narrowing of spaces through which cervical nerves travel

Your likelihood of sustaining neck pain may increase depending on if you have any of the following common risk factors, including:

  • Age 40+
  • Female gender
  • Stress
  • Physically demanding job or hobby
  • Repetitive overhead movement
  • Acute trauma (auto accident, slip and fall, sports injury, etc.)
  • Poor posture (especially while sitting, driving, sleeping, or using digital devices)

What to Expect From Neck Pain Treatment With Our Chiropractor Team 

Research shows chiropractic care can reduce your risk of having chronic neck pain, especially after incidents such as an auto accident. We offer several services that can bring you relief from your irritated, sore, and stiff neck:

  • On-site digital X-rays to assist with diagnosis
  • Non-invasive modalities including electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, and ultrasound
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Custom exercise programs
  • Postural and lifestyle re-training

Together, these services reduce inflammation, restore spinal alignment, maximize strength and stability, improve range of motion, accelerate healing, and more. We identify the underlying causes of your neck pain (e.g., weak core, poor posture) and address these plus your symptoms, so relief is longer-lasting.

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