Low Back Pain Treatment

Are you dealing with low back pain? Not experiencing the things you once loved because you’re constantly in pain? If this is you, you're not alone. In fact, millions of people deal with this annoying pain on a daily basis. However, many of those same people don’t seek the right treatment they need. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line chiropractic services that can take away your back pain for good, then you should pick up the phone and call Chiropractic Partners Corporate today! We are proud to have one of our convenient offices located right here in Wake Forest, NC, and we would love to welcome you as one of our new patients.


Keep reading for reasons why you may have lower back pain, including how we can provide unbeatable solutions aimed at your needs.

Why You Have Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the more common medical conditions out there. Whether you’re a teenager or older adult, you’ve probably dealt with this pain at some point in your life. But as some of us are certain they know the cause of their discomfort, others are puzzled. Take a look at the common reasons you have lower back pain:

Your Spine is Off

Lower back pain will almost always happen when something is going wrong in your spine. The back is full of spinal joints, muscles, discs, nerves, and other components that all can see problems. When one of these is off, the pain can hit you quickly.

Slipped Disc

Another common cause of back pain is a slipped disc. Usually caused by wear and tear, this slippage can cause quite a bit of pain. Try contacting your doctor if you feel you may have a slipped disc.

You Had an Injury

If you’re experiencing back pain and you’re not sure why, try to think about the last time you had an injury. Given how often we use our backs, we can cause an injury from the slightest movement. And over time, the pain can go away, come back, and go away again. Lower back pain can linger around for quite some time, and there is a chance that it was caused by an initial injury.


Another very common reason for lower back pain involves posture. If you slouch your shoulders often and don’t straighten your back, then you could be dealing with a posture issue. However, you are not alone as millions of people experience this dilemma. Over time, bad posture can put a severe strain on your neck and spine, which can cause lower back pain.

Our Chiropractor Can Help!

If you’re tired of dealing with low back pain, then one call to Chiropractic Partners Corporate is the first step to bettering your life. We have a very skilled chiropractor who can solve your specific needs quickly and effectively. Call our Wake Forest office today to get started!


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