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Kelly E

★★★★★I have been seen by Dr. Redd for a few different neck and back problems over the years. He's always very attentive and takes the time to understand my concerns and address any questions that I may have--which seems to be outside of the norm these days. Each time, after just a few visits, I was relieved of any pains. I highly recommend Dr. Redd and his team!

Heather W

★★★★★Chiropractors often get a reputation for making patients come back over & over just so that they can make money.  I found the opposite in Dr Redd.  He treats his patients like family.  He does his best to help you with your chiropractic needs, but if he finds that you need treatment other than chiropractic, he is the first to refer to to the type of Dr he feels that could better help you.  It's so nice to go into an office that is homey & friendly. And Marisol is so good at taking care of the patients from greeting you when you come in the door, to therapy to answering your insurance questions & everything in between.  I would highly recommend calling Chiropractic Partners-Dr Redd for your chiropractic needs.

Keisha S

★★★★★I started going to Russ Redd about 2 years ago.  I have migraines and I was taking medicine for them every morning and night.  I was even taking medicine that some cancer patients take to help control my migraines.  It was to the point I was having 1-2 migraines a week.  I finally broke down and went to see Dr. Redd.  It's been almost 2 years now and I have had maybe 6 migraines (in 2 years!!!) My neurologist has taken me off of all my regular prescription medications.  Unbelievable!  I would recommend Russ to any and everyone!!  The office environment is also wonderful!!!  I've never had to wait like you do at a doctor's office and I love the warm feel in the office.

Lacy H.-G

★★★★★I’m not normally the type of person to write a review, unless I feel quite strongly about the subject. Even more so, I only comment publicly if I truly believe that my opinion might help to inform, or even persuade another searching for information, which may be of benefit to themselves or others. With that being said I am taking this moment to comment on my chiropractic care, which I receive from Dr. Russ Redd of Chiropractic Partners in Wake Forest NC. Dr. Redd is the 3rd Chiropractor I have been adjusted by since I began receiving chiropractic care at age 4, as a means of preventative maintenance.

My two previous Chiropractors had a different approach to treatment, reflective of the time when they received their training. From age 4 to age 10 I received care in Miami, FL., but due to my family relocating I began seeing Dr. Nelson, when he originally opened his practice in the Wake Forest Food Lion shopping center off US1. In both cases my two original Chiropractors personified the standard of Chiropractic at the time, due to the infancy/medical acceptance of modern chiropractic to mainstream society and insurance billing.

My first two Chiropractors stood at the precipice of what would eventually become modern day chiropractic. Insurance companies then, and only under certain circumstances, rarely acknowledged chiropractic as a form of acceptable treatment. As a result many patients had to pay out of pocket for treatment, and in both cases the Chiropractors worked with families like my own to keep maintenance care affordable.  I recall many times as a child if I became ill that I would ask my mother to take me to get adjusted, which she would, and I would be symptom free the very next morning as if I had never been ill in the first place.

Over the years I had various hiccups to my health that I feel strongly were alleviated by the continuation of my preventative maintenance. As a result of my own positive experience with Chiropractic care over the years, I made certain that my children would also receive the benefit of chiropractic as I have.

Today I am very blessed to be a mother of 3 healthy children, which I attribute a significant part due to their chiropractic preventative maintenance care, which they have each received from the age of 1 month old. Years ago when I learned that Dr. Nelson’s stepson was joining his practice to eventually become his successor; my daughter was still an infant. I wanted to make certain my children would have a Chiropractor they could grow up with, in hopes that if they became ill or even when (in the far far future) they hopefully become parents, they would have a strong conviction concerning the positive health benefits of chiropractic care.

Dr. Redd and I spoke about my beliefs, and expectations concerning chiropractic care, which I believe he reflects in his own life as a Father. Just as I believe him being a Father is how he can safely adjust my children no matter how wiggly, or animated they are. I also feel strongly that Dr. Redd’s willingness to work out an affordable payment plan with me is a direct reflection of having watched his stepfathers desire to see chiropractic care improve the health of his patients verses becoming rich. 

I know chiropractic care is not for everyone, and I also know many people have various beliefs concerning what a chiropractor should do, say, or act like. So I will end on this note. If you are looking for a Chiropractor who is not preachy, doesn’t wear a scary white coat, has patience for squirmy, animated kids, and has a true conviction about spinal health then give his office a call. As a long-term patient of chiropractic care, it is my opinion; there is no better chiropractic practice that I would trust the safety and happiness of my family to.

A Google User

★★★★★I started with Chiropractic Partners due to an auto accident.  Every one in the office was incredible to work with.  Danielle and Marisol were very professional and explained the entire process to me; from the care to how billing would would since it was a no fault accident.  Dr. Redd infused excellent care with a level of comfort in the office that is unheard of these days in the age of "fix 'em up and get 'em out!!"  In Dr. Redd's absence, Dr. Nelson was equally attentive.  Spending extra time to get to know me even though I was not "his" patient.  I have since brought my enitre family into the practice for preventative maintenance treatments and would highly reccomend this practice to anyone.  Thank you guys for the excellent care!  See you soon!


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