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Raleigh NC location at Capital Blvd

Jerry B.

★★★★★  Dr. John Smith has come to my rescue on short notice and walk in on several occasions. Working as a mover, it is difficult to plan an appointment at times. It is also difficult to keep going when your back is out of adjustment. He has realigned me to where it felt as though there had never been a problem. We discussed several stretches and I was good to go until the next time I pushed my body too far, at which times he took me as a walk in and put me together again.  I can't thank him enough!

Sonya D.

★★★★★  Dr John Smith has been my chiropractor for 20+ years and the BEST service, long time staff, and his son, Dr Sean Smith is following in his foot steps as one of the best Chiropractic Doctors in practice!  As a 20 year competitive fitness competitor and fitness coach, I know my success is partially credited to Dr John Smith. Now, Dr Sean Smith is servicing my son! Highly recommended and challenge you to find better Doctors and family style staff anywhere in the area!

Martin H.

★★★★★  After 6 years of constant back trouble I came across dr. Smith. I had been to several chiropractors and several orthopedists over the years and iust admit I was skeptical. Dr Smith prescribed a three week course of adjustments at 2-3 times per week. After a week I felt relief. After 3 weeks I felt like I had a brand new spine. The most important part was that it has lasted!!!! Two years have gone by and my pain has not returned. The chiropractic industry has gotten a bad name from some quacks. Dr. Smith certainly is not one of them. I cannot recommend these people enough. He has accomplished what board certified, highly acclaimed orthopedists couldn't. On top of all this both he and the staff were amazing with both me, my infant son who had to attend my appointments with me. I truly wish I could give more than 5 stars. Absolutely world class people!

 Molly B.

★★★★★  I have been going to Dr. John for years and now my whole family goes as well. His son has come on board and he is following in his father's foot steps and doing as good a job according to my father he would recommend Dr. Sean anytime. I feel I am in great hands with either Dr. John or Dr. Sean. Love getting my tune up once every 6 weeks. Secretly sometimes I think I do too much at my age just so I can go in and get an adjustment. Hope you stay around a long time. My back needs you and your practice. And the staff, Terri, Pam and Lisa are the best!!!!!!!

Alec G.

★★★★★  Dr. Sean is an excellent Chiropractor and he works hard to get you the right adjustment without having to force things. I guess after you have been to quite a few Chiropractors who force things, you really do appreciate it when a Chiropractor can make your adjustments look and feel effortless. He really takes the time to get to know you and he seeks to treat you as a person and not just a number on his list of patients. I always leave feeling better as the constant upbeat demeanor of him and his staff are contagious! If anyone in my life needs chiropractic care, Chiropractic Partners - Dr. John and Sean Smith are always my recommendation.

 Cathy D.

★★★★★  Dr. John, his great staff and now his son Dr. Sean are absolutely awesome. I have been blessed by this group for many years now. They have always been able to work me in if an emergency arose. I started in such bad shape that I was going 3x a week. I am now on maintenance. I highly recommend this practice.

Andrew T.

★★★★★  Dr. John & Dr. Sean Smith are the best chiropractors in the whole triangle! I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Sean for the last 3 years and he has helped me countless times with my lower back issues. They do an amazing job of actually bringing solutions to fix the issues I have. I would highly recommend Dr. John and Dr. Sean Smith at Chiropractic Partners for all of your chiropractic needs!


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