Drs. Schmid and Ransone Reviews for
North Raleigh, NC Chiropractic Partners Location

Dara F.

Dr. Schmid and team are among the finest healthcare professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. In addition to the high level of efficiency, professionalism and medical excellence, there is an atmosphere within the office that is rare and refreshing. Question to readers: How long has it been since you have been to any establishment, where the people employed there seem genuinely happy, and excited to serve? This has clearly been cultivated as a part of their work culture. Dr. Schmid is a remarkable, talented Chiropractor... and a friendly compassionate individual. My pain has been properly managed, at a rate that is right for me. (They care about that). Finally, the staff recognizes my individuality... they don't forget the person coming in... they get to know you. WOW. Rock stars!

Paula M.

Dr Schmid is extraordinary. He has helped me for over 15 years with neck, back and knee issues. I am a nurse, and am constantly moving patients and equipment. The wear and tear on my body is horrendous. Dr Schmid keeps me from having to have surgery. The office staff is fantastic. They are friendly and knowledgeable.

Megan P.

Patient care is top notch I have been a patient for at least 15 years. Now my husband and 13 year old daughter as patients as well. We love Dr. Schmid and his staff. Everyone is caring, friendly, engaging, efficient and professional. highly recommend Dr. Schmid and his practice.

Everett P.

Credit to his profession. I have been going to Dr Schmid for over twenty years. His treatment has always been spot on, and the relief I've needed he has provided over and over again. I was an orthodontist for thirty six years, a profession which is not kind to ones neck and back. Not only has he been an excellent health care provider, more importantly he's been a good friend too.

Michael B.

I began as a skeptical patient of Dr. Schmid during my recovery following a motorcycle wreck in 1999. As my understanding of chiropractic care throughout the assessment and treatment increased, and the rapid alleviation from the pain of my injuries, my confidence in Dr. Schmid and his entire staff grew. Their friendliness and professionalism was commendable. Eighteen years later, continuing to see the same smiling faces - Katia, Betsy, Kim, April, and Dr. Schmid, I won't consider going anywhere else! Great staff, great care!!

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Heather D.

★★★★★ Dr. Schmid and team are most wonderful! I have received chiropractic care and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (DTLT) from Dr. Schmid for sciatic pain. I received my first DTLT treatment and it reduced my severe pain by 50% the first day, and 24 hours later I had my second treatment that reduced the pain to zero, as if I never injured myself. To this day, I am still wowed. I continued with an additional four sessions to make sure I fully recovered from my injury, and I did. Thank Dr. Schmid for helping me regain my mobility. DTLT is amazing in that it is non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and fast acting - amazing!!!! I highly recommend this treatment for anybody looking to recover from an injury that has stopped you from living without pain. I can't emphasize how great DTLT is!

Andy B.

Dr Schmid has helped me with back and neck pain. He also recently treated a high ankle sprain with an adjustment and laser therapy. The next day, 90% healed. Good guy, and his staff are all pretty cool too

Dr. Ransone's Chiropractic Reviews for Our North Raleigh, NC Chiropractic Partners Location

Debra B — 5 stars

Love Dr. Ransone and all of the staff at 7116-A Six Forks Rd. Raleigh, NC. Dr. Ransone has repeatedly helped me with my neck and back conditions along with the carpal tunnel issues. Recommendations for natural supplements to overcome inflammation. outdoor and mind-body-soul activiites to improve my overall well-being. Highly recommend to everyone!

Jonathan N.

Can't thank you enough for the amazing care my family has received via CP through the hands of Dr. Brian Ransone in North Raleigh, NC. So very grateful for greater quality of life that has been restored.


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