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When you visit our chiropractors in Raleigh, you are putting your health and wellness in good hands. We are proudly serving Raleigh in the Midtown and North Hills areas with caring, comprehensive chiropractic services.  Whether you are seeking pain relief for low back pain, headaches, injuries, or even seeking a wellness plan, we've got you covered!

They say that experience is a great teacher and early life experiences led both Dr. Baldy and Dr. Houfek to make life-changing decisions to pursue careers as chiropractic doctors.

Dr. Houfek experienced a bus-riding injury at the age of 12 that resulted in his being treated by a chiropractor. The care he received relieved him of his pain after just one visit and, consequently, he knew that he wanted to devote his own professional efforts towards becoming a chiropractor.

Dr. Houfek

In Dr. Baldy's case, his early career as a railroad conductor offered the luxury of time to indulge in his passion of reading about how the body work. This interest eventually led him to study at Logan College of Chiropractic and he's never looked back.  

The care you receive at Chiropractic Partners reflects this kind of interest in and commitment to physical, mental and emotional health. The chiropractors in our offices believe in “whole-person” wellness and in taking an all-natural, hands-on approach to healing. This attitude helps them to,

  1. offer physical adjustments that help bring your body back into proper alignment and,
  2. offer treatments and counseling that work to keep your immune system strong and more resistant to illness and injury.

We truly believe that this is preventative medicine at its best.

In the way of serving our patients and offering the most comprehensive care possible, we have an array of techniques and treatments that promote healing by treating topical issues as well as underlying causes. In addition to expert chiropractic adjustments, services include, but are not limited to:


Massage therapy helps to improve circulation, relieve stress and ease pain and muscle tension. It can assist with minimizing the development scar tissue and it is generally considered extremely relaxing. It has also been known to help with relieving such conditions as:

  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sports injuries
  • TMJ
  • Insomnia

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy uses low-level light treatments for certain minor surgeries such as scar, mole or hair removal. This type of laser therapy is also known to help with tissue regeneration. 

Our Cold Laser is a FDA-cleared MLS Therapy Laser that uses concentrated light energy to stimulate the body’s own healing process to minimize pain, inflammation and arthritis and reduce recovery times so you can return to a pain-free life. By using specific wave lengths and a patented delivery system, the Cold Laser can speed up the process of relieving inflammation and pain associated with many musculoskeletal conditions. Tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, neuropathy, arthritis, bursitis, wound healing, hematoma, postsurgical recovery, and tarsal tunnel are just some examples of conditions that the Cold Laser is used to treat. While each person and each condition varies, many patients receive tremendous relief from their pain and inflammation when they go through a series (6-12 sessions) of MLS Laser Therapy treatments. In all, the benefits of our Cold laser are that it is non-surgical treatment that greatly reduces inflammation and speeds up tissue healing, there are no  known side effects, it is drug free, and produces rapid results. 

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression gently stretches the spine and is very helpful for quickly relieving back pain. This technique uses a motorized unit that takes pressure off of the spinal disks, thereby relieving the “pinched” feeling in the joints and nerves.

We offer many more customized treatment options that cater to your specific health issues and lifestyle.

Ultimately, although we firmly believe that an all-natural, hands-on approach to health is the best route to ongoing “whole-person” wellness, we will happily partner with other healthcare practitioners when necessary to provide you with the best comprehensive care that puts your well-being first. These partners may include physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists or other types of holistic healthcare practitioners.

Additionally, we encourage you to be a partner in your own wellness and we offer advice, education, treatment and support in that respect as needed.  

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