Patient Reviews for
Dr. Gregory Baldy at our Raleigh (Midtown/North Hills) Chiropractic Partners Office

Mark P.

★★★★★ I started going to Dr. Baldy several years ago to correct a pinched nerve in my neck.  Once that was successfully corrected I continued to go to him every 4-6 weeks under a maintenance plan.  He explained that keeping my body properly aligned would allow my body's defense mechanisms more time to ward off illnesses instead of trying to correct issues created by poor alignment.  After experiencing many of my co-workers go through the flu and colds the past couple of years I realized that I did not come down with those illnesses even though they were present all around me.  I'm certain that maintaining proper alignment has had a positive impact on my overall health.

Brianna L.

★★★★★ I cannot express enough how helpful my experience at this office has been! I started going there for my jaw, which would lock and unaligned itself, and have moved on to do full adjustments to help my back and neck. They have been wonderful

Jessica V.

★★★★★ THIS PLACE ROCKS! I came in as an emergency pt with severe pain and restriction of movement in my neck. They were very accommodating, very sensitive to my situation and they got me in right away! Wonderful staff with wonderful doctors!!! Highly recommend!!!

Morgan S.

★★★★★I have seen both Dr. Baldy and Dr. Houfek at Chiropractic Partners and I can't say enough great things about them and their staff. Their chiropractic care has made a huge difference in my back and neck pain. This is a great practice, I am always seen timely and never kept waiting. Highly recommend.

Shelia S.

★★★★★  One of the best, honest and simply amazing doctors and staff.  I can't say enough good things about this office.  They have helped me maintain my good health and well being.  I've been saved from having shoulder surgery and I will never forget that blessing.  I put my complete confidence and trust in Dr. Baldy and Dr. Houfek.  They are not only my doctors but truly my friends and have my best interest in mind always. Thank you for your continued help.  Keep up the great mission of healing.


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