Services From Your Trusted Chiropractor in Fuquay Varina

When you visit our chiropractor in Fuquay Varina, you’ll get the one-on-one care and support you need.  Dr. Wallace and his team is available to meet with you to discuss any symptoms you may have. We aim to provide you with care that can reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Our Fuquay Varina office is located at the corner of Purfoy and Old Honeycutt, right in the Purfoy Professional Center. We’re easily located for your convenience. We serve patients from throughout Southern Wake County including the areas of Apex, Holly Springs, Angier, and Lillington.

chiropractor in Fuquay Varina providing chiropractic care services

Our Comprehensive Chiropractic Care Services in Fuquay Varina

We provide most types of chiropractic care in our offices. If you’ve never obtained chiropractic services previously or are not sure what type of care is right for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to learn more. You’ll find we can help you with a range of services here including:

  • Pain relief without the use of pain medications

  • Work-related injuries

  • Sports-related injuries

  • Back pain, neck pain

  • Headaches and migraines

We use chiropractic care to stimulate healing and to encourage your body’s nervous system to communicate properly with your musculoskeletal system. The underlying goal of our care is to properly align your spine and joints to reduce pain, but also to encourage natural and holistic healing throughout your body.

Nutritional Counseling

In addition to providing you with comprehensive chiropractic care, we also offer a full range of services to support your wellbeing and healing process. A key component of this is providing you with nutritional counseling. Our goal is to ensure you get as much nutrition as possible. This is what facilitates healing in the body. While we’ll teach you about meal planning, we may also recommend nutritional support. Supplements, for example, can help to provide you with a significant improvement in the amount of nutrition your body gets. This simply speeds up the healing process.

Pain Relief Care

Another component of our services is focused on pain relief. We do not recommend pain medications. We don’t suggest surgical procedures either. Rather, we focus on pain relief that comes from reducing the underlying cause of your pain. Through chiropractic care, we can properly align your spinal column and joints to stop the pain from occurring.

Get to Know Our Fuquay Varina Chiropractor

Dr. Brook Wallace provides chiropractic care in our offices. He specializes in sports injury, nutritional counseling, and personalized exercise programs. As a long-time provider of chiropractic services and treatment, you can depend on him for auto accidents, workers compensation, acute pain, and chronic pain.

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Now is the best day to take action and start working to reduce your pain. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Fuquay Varina to learn more about the services and care we offer to you. It takes only a moment to begin the path of improving your health and reducing your pain. Call our office today.


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