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Dr. Wallace in our Fuquay Varina Chiropractic Partners Office

Nicole N

★★★★★  Doctor Wallace is a stellar chiropractor!  I once had a problem with my leg and I saw at least 4 different specialists who ran every test in the book.  My leg never got better.  The muscles began to atrophy in that leg and one "specialist" even suggested that I might just be be depressed.  I went to doctor Wallace and he saw that my femur had slipped out of position and was impinging on a tendon.  He put it back in place and I've never experienced such immediate and immense relief!

I actually wanted to pay him MORE than the copay I was so happy.  My leg healed completely after that.

Gil-Ann W

★★★★★  Dr. Wallace is the best Chiro I have ever been to.  He is just as nice as can be and has helped so many.  I give him 5 stars!  I would give him 10 stars if I could on this review.

Anonymous Google user

★★★★★  I can walk straight again, and now I can sleep through the night without pain. Dr Wallace does a great job.  He fixed my back problems. (better than taking a lot of pain pills that my MD doc gave me)  give him a try!

Suezette R



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