Patient Reviews for
Dr. Presas in our Durham - Southpark Drive Chiropractic Partners Office

kiki W.

★★★★★  He was awesome. I have always been afraid to have an adjustment but he explained everything. Dr. Presas is all about educating his patients on how to maintain health and wellness. It was great!

Deborah P-M.

★★★★★  Dr. Presas has been my first phone call when I twisted an ankle, fell, hurt a limb, or just slept crooked. Now, I've decided to stay on a two week maintenance program and he keeps me on track with exercises, nutritional ideas, and support. Dr. Presas is always learning and refining new modalities and I highly recommend him. If you have been afraid to try chiropractic, Dr. Presas is the man to see. My grandparents were chiropractors in the 1960's so I grew up with chiropractic care and Dr Presas is the real deal. Look no further. He remembers your issues and acts as a co-creator for your health and wellness plan to live long and pain free.

Sara C.

★★★★★  Arturo Presas is a magic man! My whole family goes to him to keep us pain free! He has a broad knowledge of techniques and is very generous with information on how to build muscles and improve posture, etc. And his presence is very supportive and encouraging!

Ronson L.

★★★★★  My entire family has been seen by Dr Presas and we are all very pleased with the results.  Dr Presas is a very knowledgeable and thorough chiropractor.  His focus on long term solutions and patient comfort make him my number one choice for chiropractic care.

Mr 6.

★★★★★  I am ADDING 2 MORE STARS ** - We NEED WATER as HUMANS? Well SPINES AND NERVES NEED Dr. PRESAS. #SimpleAsThat #LMoore #Mr6ixxx #JesusMachine

Irene P.

★★★★★  He is THE BEST!


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