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The office of Dr. Arturo Presas is located in Durham, NC, off Hwy 54 1/2 mile west of Triangle Orthopedics.

Arturo Presas, D.C. had dreams of being a veterinarian all his life. But like many others, his plans changed when he was injured playing football and rugby. His doctors put him on various medications and recommended "no activity", not the life he wanted to live. He sought a second opinion, and scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor. From that day on, his life was changed. The chiropractor was able to relieve his pain naturally, and without the use of medications. He finished out the rugby season and changed his major ... to chiropractic.

Dr. Arturo Presas truly understands how pain and injury can change someone’s life ... for better or worse. That’s why at Chiropractic Partners, every patient is treated like family. Dr. Arturo Presas asks questions, but more importantly, he listens to his patients, and acknowledges their needs and concerns. A thorough exam is performed on every patient, and customized treatment plan is developed to help patients achieve the level of health they want to achieve. The plan may include a variety of gentle chiropractic techniques, strengthening and stretching exercises, and nutrition advice.

Whatever the method of treatment, the goal is the same – to help your pain or injury change your life for the better. Chiropractic Partners staff includes certified Chiropractic Assistants, and on-site massage therapists who work closely with Dr. Arturo Presas, to ensure each patients gets the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Dr. Arturo Presas

5007 Southpark Drive Suite 130
Durham, NC 27713

Dr. Arturo Presas Chiropractor


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