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Dr. Krasnov in our Durham-Chapel Hill Chiropractic Partners Office

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Barbara W.

★★★★★  I am in experienced, confident hands with Dr. Krasnov.  He is thorough, answers questions clearly, and has provided excellent advice on what I can also do for myself.  And he and his staff are so nice!

Debora B.

★★★★★  Dr Krasnov knows his stuff! Wow! I am so lucky to have found him in Durham! I went to him in terrible pain and he knew just what to do. You know you are in good hands under his care. His team is great also. I can't thank him enough for his gift!

William H.

★★★★★ After being referred to Dr. Krasnov by a chiropractor friend I knew I was in good hands. For the past 20 years I have maintained a monthly visit as part of my regular health care as an active martial artist and busy professional with a big family. His comprehensive and holistic approach to care is further complimented by a courteous and knowledgeable staff. I can't say enough great things about this practice!

Malissa M.

★★★★★  Dr Krasnov is the best chiropractor I have ever been to, hands down. Amazing, professional care. His ability to diagnose injuries and treat them is superlative. My husband also sees him, and agrees entirely.

Melissa K.

★★★★★  Very caring staff. Very attentive to details of their patient’s needs. First time going to a chiropractic. My dad loved this practice when he got in his squad car wreck years ago. When the doctor told me I needed to get to see a chiropractor, my dad strongly suggested this office. We are both now being treated by Chiropractic Partners. He is seeing Dr. K and I am being treated by Keegan McCourt. These guys are very easy to talk to. They have an amazing staff. Everyone is friendly, attentive, caring, and down to earth. I highly suggest checking them out for all your chiropractic needs.

Katerina C.

★★★★★  Me and my partner suffered from chronic back and neck pains. We have seen many chiropractors and none of them really made a difference or brought just temporary relief. Several of our friends recommended Dr. Krasnov. My first impression when I called the office was that it was super easy to make an appointment. The staff always tries to find the right time for you so you don't have to change your schedule. The staff members are very professional and friendly. The facility is nice and easy to locate. Dr. Krasnov exceeded all our expectations. He is super attentive and addresses every issue that we have. It took him just a few visits to fix my partner's back issues. Other doctors were not able to do it in months. I would highly recommend Dr. Krasnov to anybody who suffers from back pains!!!

Facebook Reviews:

Jocelyn R. - 5 stars

Mary Ann and the other staff members have made our family members feel incredibly welcome and safe. Everything is thoroughly explained by all the staff before it is completed. I went in after a fall and got a more thorough diagnosis than I had in the ER, for which I'm grateful. Dr. K. decided to run x-rays and determined I had a fractured vertebrae. Given his background working around sports medicine, he knows his stuff when it comes to injury recovery. I'm still going through the early stage of treatment, but feel confident in the knowledge and services provided. My husband has been a longer-term patient, and is very satisfied.

Wendy A. - 5 stars

I love Chiropractic Partners! Mary Ann is phenomenal and makes you feel so welcomed every time! The Drs. McCourt & Krasnov are exceptional and know just what adjustments are needed each month. I've been going to this practice for over 10 years and highly recommend it!


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