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Chiropractors in Cary, NC

If you're in the Cary, NC area seeking natural pain relief, sports injury treatment, wellness support, low back pain and other chiropractic care services, you couldn't possibly do better than coming to Chiropractic Partners!  Our chiropractors in Cary, NC Dr. John Lancaster and Dr. Chris Sullivan, each offer phenomenal skill, training and experience in a variety of conservative care disciplines, providing personalized treatment plans that can successfully ease a wide range of symptoms and conditions. If you're suffering from low or neck back pain, headaches, sciatica or other acute or chronic pain, we can help. Whether you need to feel better or you just want to keep feeling great, you'll find your answers right here.

All of our chiropractors at each location are distinguished experts at what they do, and our two chiropractors in Cary are no exception.  

You might be amazed at the sheer variety of services we offer and the conditions we can treat.  

Cary Services:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - Adjustments of the spine (and other joints or extremities) can relieve pain, tingling, numbness or loss of function. Our Cary team offers the ProAdjuster method for low-force, precise, instrument-based adjustments.  These low force adjustments use instruments such as the activator, arthostim and orthospinology.  The doctors will also use a motion palpation (with their hands) to determine your subluxations. The doctors here also offer other adjusting techniques  such as Diversified, Thompson, and Webster

  • Active Release Therapy (ART) - ART can release soft tissues painfully trapped by internal scarring, or adhesions. This relives longstanding chronic pain and improves range of motion.

  • Cox-Flexion/Distraction therapy - This form of spinal therapy guides herniated or bulging discs back into their proper position in the spinal column, enabling them to heal while also relieving the pinched nerves that can cause low back pain, sciatica, cervical radiculopathy and other problems.  Our Cary doctors also offer intersegmental traction to add more motion and increase mobility of the spine.

  • Sports injury treatment - If you're struggling to get over an acute or chronic sports injury, we can help. A combination of chiropractic care, acupuncture, soft tissue therapies and nutritional support can help you regain control over your body.

  • Auto accident (personal injury) treatment - If you're suffering from neck, low back pain from an auto injury we can help!  We're experts at treating whiplash, sciatica, back pain, seat beat injuries and other musculoskeletal problems caused by auto accidents. Schedule your evaluation as soon as possible so we can treat your symptoms before complications develop.  Let us evaluate your back or neck pain today, you don't need to continue to suffer with pain.

  • Chronic pain and illness care - Many chronic conditions are caused or worsened by spinal misalignments that impair nerve function. We can help you manage your health challenges more effectively.  We can also help provide relief if you are suffering from a spinal injury.  During a consultation or exam, we can determine a plan customized just for you!

  • Pediatrics and Prenatal - We treat patients of all ages, even children. Let us help you keep your kids as healthy as possible for optimal growth and development.  We can also evaluate expecting mothers for prenatal care.  Our chiropractors are Webster (a chiropractic technique) certified.

  •  Class IV Laser  Therapy- We use a Class IV Laser Therapy, LLLT, as a treatment to help accelerate our patient’s healing process to help eliminate pain, swelling or muscle spasms.  This type of therapy is excellent for pain and inflammation associated with back or neck pain, or even an extremity.  This type of laser therapy is also know as photobiomodulation therapy.  Our chiropractors will determine whether or not this is an option to care for your needs.

We also offer:

  • Electrotherapy (E-stim)
  • On-site X-rays, should they be needed

  • Upper cervical work

  • Vitamin supplement

  • Hydrocollator (warm moist heat therapy) 

  • Ice therapy

Be sure to ask about all of our therapeutic modalities that may help treat your pain or discomfort.

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Contact our Cary chiropractors today!  Are you suffering from low back pain, neck pain, sports or work injury?  We can help, come in to our Cary office and see Drs. Lancaster and Sullivan today! We want to be a player on your health and wellness team!  

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