Our North Carolina Chiropractors CAN Help          with Travel Injuries

Vacation is almost everything you imagine once you arrive. You get to unplug and just be yourself, rather than having to complete endless tasks constantly. The beds are plush. The beverages are cold or hot as your preference, and the sights and smell shock your senses from their everyday routines. You're experiencing bliss until you slip and fall or experience another travel injury. At Chiropractic Partners, we understand just how much that can ruin a great time! Thankfully, we have experience in helping people with their travel injuries at our several North Carolina Triangle locations.


Check Your Insurance Coverage

Call your insurance company to verify what's covered on your policy during your trip, given that you might be in another state or country. Know the locations of the covered medical centers near where you're vacationing.  When you are back in NC, Chiropractic Partners will help verify your insurance coverage for you.  We can discuss your options with chiropractic care coverage.

Pack Proper Clothing for the Weather

If you're heading into extreme conditions compared to what you're used to, make sure you bring clothing for those temperatures. Pack lip balm, sunglasses, cool, light, and non-constrictive clothing for hot and humid conditions. Take thin thermal layers, snow pants, and caps for winter wonderland escapes.

Keep Moving

It can be tempting to sit and do nothing, primarily if you're used to moving all day on your job. Make sure you enjoy some light exercising like walking or swimming. The movement will keep you limber and the fluids moving throughout your body to help remove unwanted waste or new toxins.  

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Not all environments are like the ones you left. Look up and down and around you as you walk. Some areas have poisonous or venomous creatures lurking (or suspended from tree branches). In some conditions, reptiles go into hibernation and fall out of trees during the night because of the colder temperatures, only to "wake up" later in the day as it warms. Also, be on the lookout for debris or objects on walkways and liquid spills.

Don't Rush from Place to Place

You're on vacation, after all. Rushing can increase your chances of being less careful and aware of your surroundings, causing falls, collisions, or for you to twist or lift something incorrectly. These can cause injuries...we are here to help and can ease your pain.

Contact Our Trusted team of North Carolina Chiropractors

If you do end up getting hurt, visit us at one of our several North Carolina Triangle locations. When you're searching for "chiropractor near me," remember Chiropractic Partners has several locations to help you. We have 4 Raleigh area locations, including North Hills/Midtown, North Raleigh, NW Raleigh and the Capital Boulevard area. We have offices in the SouthPark area and near Durham/Chapel Hill Road in the Durham area. Other office locations include Cary, Gardner, Clayton, Wake Forest, and Fuquay Varina. Contact us today for an appointment!


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