Chiropractic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder ordinarily involves gradual pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint that develops over time. The medical term for the condition is adhesive capsulitis. The bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves of the shoulder are enveloped in a capsule of connective tissue. Over time, that tissue gets thicker, and contracts around the shoulder joint. It's that tightening that restricts the range of motion of the shoulder joint. At Chiropractic Partners, you can be examined and treated by a chiropractor with expertise in frozen shoulder treatment at any of our 11 clinics in and around Raleigh.


Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Perhaps the most common cause of frozen shoulder is an old arm or shoulder fracture or an old sports injury. Other common causes of a frozen shoulder are scar tissue from a surgery, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, or a weakened immune system.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms and Stages

While characterized by lack of range of motion and considerable pain, people who suffer from the condition typically go through three stages:

  • Freezing: This is when the loss of range of motion and pain set in. The condition might be particularly painful at night when the sufferer is trying to sleep. This stage typically lasts for less than a year.
  • Frozen: At this stage, pain from the condition might subside, but shoulder immobility remains.
  • Thawing: Now, the patient begins recovering. With less pain comes increased shoulder mobility. This improvement can last for up to two years.

Chiropractic Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

Chiropractic care primarily focuses on spinal injuries and disorders, but is capable of providing treatment to any part of the musculoskeletal system. A person who suffers from frozen shoulder will want to seek out a chiropractor from one of our clinics who works with extremity adjustments. Different chiropractic techniques are used for extremity adjusting.

Get Examined for Your Frozen Shoulder

After an examination and frozen shoulder diagnosis, chiropractic shoulder adjustments have a high rate of success in reducing or eliminating the condition. Treatment depends on the extent of the symptoms that you're experiencing. Early chiropractic treatment is likely to significantly improve range of motion while reducing pain and shortening the period of recovery without the risks involved in surgery or dangerous medications. Whether your frozen shoulder is degenerative in nature, or it was caused by an old sports injury, contact a Chiropractic Partners clinic near you to arrange for an examination and treatment. The sooner that you see us, the faster we can work toward reducing your pain and increasing your shoulder mobility.   


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