Chiropractic Care and The Nervous System

We all know that your chiropractor cares for your posture, alignment, and musculoskeletal health, so what does the nervous system have to with chiropractic care?  Chiropractic Partners of the Triangle, is here to restoring your health and wellness! Our  Raleigh, Durham, Cary and surrounding area chiropractors understand the interconnected nature of the spine, nerves, and musculoskeletal health.  When we have low back pain, or any constriction of movement of the back or limbs, it might well be that the nervous system is the culprit.  


When Nerves Go Wrong

Nerves as the communication system of the body, with the brain as the switchboard.  The nerves communicate messages from the limbs to the brain, from the organs back to the headquarters, dispatching the vital information about how to regulate the digestive system, hormones, oxygen in the bloodstream, your heart rate, any number of things. 

But What If "The Wires Get Crossed"?

What if your nervous system is sending the wrong signals?  Or the right signals are not getting through?  What if the messages are delayed?  What happens when the lines of communication are cut?  "Pinched" off?  Now the signal's scrambled and your body and systems are out of balance and not performing as they should.  You need help from a chiropractor!

Symptoms That Require Chiropractic Care

What might happen that's a clue your nervous system might need chiropractic care?  It might be any of a range of symptoms, including, but not limited to the weakened immune system, imbalanced endocrine system.  Both work with the nervous system to keep in balance and keep the body healthy.  Other signs of a compromised nervous system might be vertigo, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, even sufferers on the autism spectrum have nervous systems that may benefit from chiropractic care.  

All your bodily systems will benefit from chiropractic care, but chiropractic care for the nervous system will benefit the metabolic system, sexual function and improve sleep patterns.  For the young, chiropractic care of the nervous system will assist and remove blocks in physical growth and development.  

Chiropractic Care for Your Nervous System

Re-aligning your spine properly will allow your nerve signals to travel quickly, correctly and unimpeded through your body to your limbs, fingers, toes and all your extremities, from your heart to your brain and back.  As health returns to your nervous system, you'll feel better, healthier and more vibrant, more engaged with your life, work, friends and family.  

If any of the above applies, if you're suffering from pained movement or maybe a "pinched nerve", make an appointment at any one of our  convenient 11 Chiropractic Partners locations.  Whether you are in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or the Triangle area, we are here to serve you.  Make an appointment with our team to learn all the benefits of adding chiropractic care to your lifestyle today.  

Thank you for trusting our doctors with your care!


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