Sometimes an automobile accident may not cause fractures or broken bones, but rather soft tissue injuries. The muscles, the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and discs,  can be injured in a car accident. Chiropractic care can help to decrease swelling and muscle spasms, while increasing the bio-mechanical component of the spine. Some of the therapies or techniques we use to help damaged soft tissue are massage, spinal manipulation by hand or instrument, electrical therapies, ultrasounds, and acupuncture.  In addition to chiropractic therapies, a spinal adjustment can help put the bones back in the right place therefore allowing soft tissues to heal properly.  This will aid not only the pain right then (acute pain) but also long term. The whole idea is to help people who have suffered any sort of major trauma get back on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.


The impact of a vehicle hitting another one may cause a variety of injuries to happen. You or the other party involved in an car accident may experience low back pain, neck pain and whiplash. This is  due to the body being restrained in one spot and jerked backward when the vehicle hits another, and then pushed forward into the seatbelt in an awkward manner. The back of your neck was most likely stretched beyond its normal range of motion.  You may suffer from not only low back pain, but also could have soft tissue injuries, headaches/migraines, or neck pain. 

Do You Need a Post-Accident Exam? 

Let Dr. Nicholas Ferez, our Clayton chiropractor,  help evaluate your pain and symptoms with a consultation and exam.

A concussion may also be possible if you hit your head from an auto or work injury.  During your exam and consultation  our chiropractor may recommend x-rays or a MRI to help determine the extent of your injury.


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