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Chiropractic Care Helps With Your Low Back Pain, Disc Problems, and Sciatica

At some point in our lives it’s expected that all of us will experience back pain. It’s almost accepted as a fact of life by many. Back pain is the Read More

Natural Remedies for Your Sciatica Pain

"Sciatica" is a term describing the symptoms of inflammation of the sciatic nerve, also known as sciatic neuritis. Sciatica involves radiating pain down the back of one lower extremity, usually Read More

Benefits of yoga combined with chiropractic care

Want a tip for back pain, tension or stress? Combine yoga with chiropractic care from our team at Chiropractic Partners! Have you tried yoga to combat pain in your lower back, Read More

When to see a chiropractor

Is It Time To See a Chiropractor? Do you have aches, pains, and difficulties with daily activities that just won’t go away? Have you wondered if chiropractic care might offer some Read More

What is an adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is fixated, “locked up”, or not moving properly. This adds Read More

Is Chiropractic Care Safe? You bet!

IS CHIROPRACTIC CARE SAFE?  Yes, chiropractic care is remarkably safe and chiropractic has an excellent safety record. Chiropractic is a conservative approach to health that avoids invasive procedures or addictive drugs...we Read More

How does a spinal adjustment help me?

Chiropractic Partners explains:  How does a spinal adjustment help me?    A spinal adjustment is a type of non-invasive, pain-free, “tuning” of the spine that is applied by a doctor of chiropractic Read More

Facts and Tips on Back Pain

Facts and Tips on Back Pain From Chiropractic Partners Read More

Are my feet to blame for my back pain!?

Your feet may be the source of your low back pain, knee pain, or hip pain. Let us help! Read More

Add Chiropractic Care to your Back to School checklist!

Chiropractic Care can be a key element for mental and physical well being! Read More

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disc and Back Pain Prevention Read More

Viewing 1 - 12 out of 12 posts


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