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Back to teaching Yoga

A local Durham gym owner suggested I visit Dr. Krasnov since I was suffering from chronic pain in my lower back, hips and gluteal area. Dr. Krasnov diagnosed me with Read More

Back Pain Facts & Statistics: The Bare Bones on Back Pain

Sometimes, when it comes to our health, the numbers can be a wake-up call. In this article, you will find some back pain facts and statistics that might open your Read More

Avocado and Black Bean Salad

Chiropractic Partners promotes combining a healthy eating plan with chiropractic care to help restore your health and wellness!  Schedule an appointment with any of our 10 convenient locations today!*Ingredients:1/2 cup Read More

Auto Accident? Read "The Bruised Banana"

Please read this information on how your body is impacted by a collision.  Chiropractic Partners can help!   Courtesy of our Clayton Chiropractor, Dr. Nicholas Ferez- Chiropractic Partners Clayton, NC THE BRUISED Read More

Are You Tossing and Turning Because of Your Mattress?

On a daily basis, patients tell me that their back hurts worse when they are laying down. While this is due to subluxations of the spine, the wrong mattress is Read More

Are you tossing and turning because of your mattress?

On a daily basis, patients tell us that their back hurts worse when they are laying down. While this is due to subluxations of the spine, the wrong mattress can Read More

Are You Suffering from Text Neck?

These days, we're learning that even the most sophisticated and advanced technology--smart phones, tablets, and laptops--may pose health risks to humans. One of those risks, known as "text neck," is Read More

Are You Suffering From Elbow Pain?

Are You Suffering From Elbow Pain? Come See Our Raleigh Chiropractor Chronic elbow pain is a sign of tendinitis in that area, also known as “tennis elbow.” Despite its name, this Read More

Are You Stretching the Wrong Way? Try the Right Way

How would you like to increase coordination, reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, prevent future injury, improve posture, develop body awareness, and enhance proper movement patterns? The good news Read More

Are you eating clean?

You are what you eat...What does clean eating really mean?  Please see this video shared from the Eating Well website.  Chiropractic Care along with a healthy diet can improve much Read More

Are you concerned about the efffects of gluten in your diet?

Below is a very interesting article about "Gluten Syndrome" from the journal Medical Hypotheses. The gluten syndrome: A neurological disease, Medical Hypotheses 2009, Vol. 73, pp. 438–440 by Rodney Philip Kinvig Ford, Read More

Are Video Games Hurting Your Bones?

While video games may provide hours of fun for you, your friends, or your kids, they may also be damaging the integrity of your bones. Even those played on the Read More

Are Sports Injuries Holding You Back?

Sports injuries can happen to elite athletes and those who play sports just as a hobby, but you can avoid frequent or serious injury by playing it smart before you Read More

Are Eggs the Key to "Eggceptional" Health?

If you're looking for something tasty to eat and a way to stay healthy in the process, eggs are a great solution! Over the years, eggs have gotten a bad Read More

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Most have heard the old addage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." This isn't far from the truth! Eating healthy and staying active will keep you healthier overall. Read More

Viewing 361 - 375 out of 404 posts


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