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  • Active Mind, Healthy Body
    What is the best to keep a sound mind as we age? The answer is to engage in numerous leisure activities such as reading, playing board games, playing musical instruments, Read more
  • A Yellow Cloud Everywhere!
    Spring has sprung and so has the pollen! Unfortunately, Spring’s beautiful weather brings with it a cloud of yellow powder. Many of our patients suffer from allergies and pollen contributes Read more
  • Opioid Epidemic: How Chiropractic Partners Can Help Manage Pain Drug-Free
    Discover Drug-Free Healing With Our Team at  Chiropractic Partners!                        The diverse and experienced team at Chiropractic Partners—serving 10 locations in Raleigh, Read more
  • Should I use ice or heat?
    Recovering from an injury requires your body to put forth a great deal of effort and requires support from the nerve system, the body's master system. Regular chiropractic care provides Read more
  • Our Chiropractic Offices Offer a Range of Soft Tissue Therapy Options
    We Offer Patient-Focused Chiropractic Care Options in Several Cities in North Carolina All of our 10 Chiropractic Partners offices in cities throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina, are here to put Read more
  • Understanding Acupuncture
    Chiropractic Partners in Garner is thrilled to announce the arrival of Dr. Michael Ward, a chiropractor who holds advanced certification in Acupuncture.  This modality of traditional Chinese medicine is a natural Read more
  • What is CBD?
    The Truth About Hemp and Cannabinoids One of the current hot topics in conservative alternative medicine (CAM) is the use of cannabinoids from hemp oil for the treatment of several different Read more
  • Sports and Chiropractic
    More and more you see or hear about professional teams utilizing chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments and soft tissue treatments can produce positive results on the field or court… Why do Read more
  • Living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
     Let Chiropractic Partners help you understand how combining chiropractic care with proper nutrition can help fight inflammation! Read this helpful info from one of our chiropractors, Dr. Michael Ward.  You may also follow Read more
  • How does an adjustment help me?
    How does a spinal adjustment help me? A spinal adjustment is a type of non-invasive, pain-free, “tuning” of the spine that is applied by a doctor of chiropractic (DC).  This adjustment will Read more
  • Better sleep may start with your pillow
    Here at Chiropractic Partners, we often see patients coming into our offices with headaches, neck pain, or pain going into their upper back. Upon discussing the symptoms with patients, we Read more
  • What is an adjustment?
    Chiropractic Partners would like to answer one of our FAQ's: What is an adjustment? A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint Read more
  • A New Year Brings New Resolutions
    As we get ready to ring in another new year, many people make resolutions that they have every intention of keeping. Unfortunately, for most, these resolutions are short lived. Here Read more
  • A New Pillow Could Equal Better Sleep
    We often see patients coming into our office with headaches, neck pain, or pain going into their upper back. Upon discussing the symptoms with patients, we often find that the Read more
  • 3 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism
    Patients frequently discuss their diet and nutrition with us. We often hear people say that they can't lose those last few pesky pounds. Here are a few ways to boost Read more

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