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  • Everything Hurts, All the Time!
    “Everything Hurts… All the Time!!!” When patients consistently come in with pain, in spite of getting great adjustments and treatment in the office, I begin to ask questions about their dietary habits. Read more
  • Ever wonder what happens when you reach your max heart rate?
    Please read this article regarding the importance of exercise and achieving your maximum heart rate! This link is shared from Dr. Baldy's office at our North Hills/Midtown Raleigh NC location.  This Read more
  • Even if you currently have little or no pain NOW…How can you tell if you are headed for BACK PAIN?
    If you were in a room with 100 people, and were asked to predict how many of these people would likely develop back pain significant enough to cause them to Read more
  • Enjoy the Holidays Without Regrets
    Here we are again, almost Thanksgiving. People often overindulge in the tasty treats that come with the holiday season or fail to stick to their normal schedule because “it’s the Read more
  • Easy Ways to “Trick” Yourself Into Eating Healthier
    Eating healthy may seem like it is easy enough to do. However, when you’re busy or tired, it is much easier to just grab something simple. Often, these simple choices Read more
  • Easy Steps For A Healthy Gut
    Want to eat better and learn easy steps to heal your gut?  Please read this article about healing your gut and the importance of probiotics.  This information is curtesy of Read more
  • Easy as 1-2-3!
    On any normal day in our chiropractor’s office, the response to the question, “How are you?,” is often, “Tired!” There are plenty of ways to boost your energy level. Here Read more
  • Driving Hurts My Back!
    Do you ever drive long distances and get out of the car thinking, "I'm so achy?" That is actually more common than you might think. Sometimes it has something to Read more
  • Dr. Armstrong Receives NCMIC Award for Research
    Dr. Richard Armstrong was involved in a study to compare the cost effectiveness of Chiropractic vs. medical care for neck pain, back pain, and headaches. The results concluded that it Read more
  • Don't Slip and Fall!
    While we're already entering February and haven't seen much ice yet, we have had patients traveling to different parts of the country with ice and snow. We've seen just a Read more
  • Don't Let Arthritis Get You Down!
    I recently had a patient come in feeling rather hopeless due to arthritis in her knee that causes her constant pain and causes her to use a cane on a Read more
  • Don't Give Up Because of Pain!
    Did you know that back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the US and 85 other countries? People are leading "healthier" lifestyles but still aren't doing anything to Read more
  • Don't Get "Old" With Age
    As our bodies age, we hear more creaking and often notice more aches and pains. The years are passing and you may notice that you occasionally groan and resolve, “I’m Read more
  • Do I have a pinched nerve?
    DO I HAVE A PINCHED NERVE?Many patients consult a chiropractic doctor because they think they have a pinched nerve. Because of the way your spine is designed, abnormal spinal function Read more
  • Do I Have a Pinched Nerve?
    Do I Have a Pinched Nerve? Help From Your  Chiropractors at Chiropractic Partners! Do you have pain in your neck, back, arms or legs? Does numbness, weakness or tingling interfere with Read more

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