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  • Healthy spine = Healthy body!
    Your spine can be the window to your health...Please read this article shared from To Your Health publication.  Let any of our 10 Chiropractic Partners offices discuss how your spinal adjustments can help Read more
  • Healthy Snacks To Keep You Energized and Hydrated
    Our Chiropractors in Raleigh Hope You Will Add Nutrition to Your Wellness Plan  At Chiropractic Partners, our chiropractors in Raleigh believe in attending to your overall health. Our whole team wants Read more
  • Headaches? Try Chiropractic!
    By Dustin Houser, D.C. at our Chiropractic Partners Durham/Chapel Hill, NC location How many people do you know who suffer from headaches? How many of you are squinting to read this article right Read more
  • Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident?
    Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident? Your Local Chiropractors In Raleigh Can Help! After a car accident, our chiropractors in Raleigh can help you find natural pain relief. With Read more
  • Grrrr… I’ve Been Gritting My Teeth Again!
    What’s causing the pain and popping in my jaw? Both dentists and chiropractors get this question quite often. TMJ stands for “Temporal-Mandibular Joint.” This is the joint where your lower Read more
  • Growing the Right Way with Chiropractic
    A healthy spine is essential for good overall health. Like adults, a child's neck and spine need to be in proper alignment to facilitate good posture, movement and functionality. Understand Read more
  • Got back pain? GET MOVING!
    Let's all get moving and keep up with your adjustments! Want to beat back pain?  Please read how Chiropractic and Exercise can help!  GET MOVING! Read more
  • Got Back Pain? Chiropractic Partners is here for you!
    Chiropractic works!   Our Chiropractic Partners office in the Raleigh North Hills/Midtown location would like to share great information on the benefits of Chiropractic care!  This article is from a To Your Read more
  • Get that strong core!
    We all have heard the importance of a strong core...creates stronger abs, back, and improves posture!  Add chiropractic care with these core exercises like these from Runners World and let Read more
  • Get Happy! Exercise Can Cheer You Up!
    We're well into the new year now and it's time to do a resolution check! If your promise to yourself in 2014 was to get healthy and active, it's not Read more
  • Get A Healthy Spine!
    Please read this post about that provides tips on getting and keeping a healthy spine! Chiropractic Partners is here to show you how awesome chirpractic care can be in your life! Read more
  • Functional Movement Screening for Spring Sports and Activities
    As spring sports and activities begin, functionality and injury prevention are just as, if not more, important than performance. Our office uses an evaluation called Functional Movement Screening (or "FMS") Read more
  • Fruit and Vegetables - Do a Body Good!
    When you were a child, your parents probably told you that you have to drink your milk to keep your bones strong. Everyone has likely heard that drinking milk is Read more
  • Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Active
    1. Show Them the Way! Parents have a tremendous influence, for better or worse, on their children. As a parent, if you are constantly on the couch, not getting up and Read more
  • Fire Up the Grill - It’s Time for That Summer Sizzle!
    Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, s’mores… YUMMY! It’s summer time and the food is GOOD! But, wait. What about that swimsuit diet you worked so hard on all Read more

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