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  • Tips for holiday safety
    Check out these quick and easy tips you can do at home to keep your family safe whether it's from fire or an injury! 1)  Merry and Bright!  Check your Christmas Read more
  • Tips for a Pain-free New Year
    Make a resolution to have a pain-free year. By keeping a few tips in mind, you can maintain healthy joints and prevent injuries. 1. Keep moving!  Be sure to move your Read more
  • This Baby is Hurting My Back!
    While pregnancy can be a time of joy and excitement, many women complain of back pain and headaches when they are pregnant. The many structural and hormonal changes an expectant Read more
  • Think Prevention With Chiropractic Care!
    Think Preventive Care with Chiropractic BEFORE you are in pain.  Chiropractic Partners is here and eager for you to learn the benefits of chiropractic care! We pride ourselves on restoring Read more
  • Think Chiropractic Before Surgery!
    You are not alone when it comes to back pain.  If you are looking at surgery options, please consider talking to any of us at Chiropractic Partners first.  We may Read more
  • There’s Nothing “Cute” About “Acute” Pain!
    We get phone calls daily from patients who have sustained some form of injury while engaging in a physical activity. Sometimes it is something as simple as lifting their one Read more
  • There’s a Storm A’Comin’!
    I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “There’s a storm a’comin’.” Likely, someone who had joint pain said their shoulder or “trick knee” was acting up and telling them Read more
  • There's a Crick in My Neck!
    As chiropractors, we see patients for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and a variety of other ailments. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that chiropractors treat neck pain and Read more
  • The Truth About Hemp and Cannabinoids
    One of the current hot topics in conservative alternative medicine (CAM) is the use of cannabinoids from hemp oil for the treatment of several different medical conditions. One of the Read more
  • The pain solution you can't do without!
    This "To Your Health" newsletter is shared to us from Dr. Gregory Baldy at our North Hills/Midtown location. Read more
  • The Lighter Side of Dark Chocolate
    Most of us think of chocolate as a guilty pleasure. Something we can eat and then feel bad about later, having to go to the gym to work off. Well, Read more
  • The Importance of Ergonomics to Prevent Desk Job Injury
    If you work at a desk job, you are at high risk for a work-related injury. Desk jobs can cause a variety of work-related injuries, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel Read more
  • The benefits of sleep
    Obtaining sufficient restful sleep is an essential requirement for optimal human productivity. It is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet, regular vigorous exercise, and Read more
  • That Car Crash Hurt My Back!
    Most people have heard of whiplash. When you're in a car accident, the spine can be "whipped" back and forth, causing trauma and injury to the muscles surrounding it and Read more
  • Tech Neck can be a Pain in the Neck!
    Today’s times sure have changed…I know, I know, we all tell our kids “get outside more” or “time to get off your device”. Children (and most parents) are on iPads Read more

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