How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Upper Back Pain

If you regularly suffer from upper back pain, you understand how it can prevent you from enjoying the things that you love to do. Chiropractic care from Chiropractic Partners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and the Triangle area is an excellent alternative to pain medication! It can also be an alternative to invasive procedures like surgery for your upper back pain. Our chiropractors have gathered some information about treating upper back pain and how you can find natural pain relief with chiropractic care.

The Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain (and neck pain) can occur for several reasons. You may notice your back hurts after you look down at a phone, tablet, or laptop screen for several hours. This is because the upper back muscles are stretched when the weight of your head pulls your neck and spinal column forward. You may have upper back pain after using too many pillows while sleeping. It can also occur if you make repetitive motions on the job, during a sports activity, or gardening. Upper back pain can also manifest after an auto accident.

Treating Upper Back Pain

When you feel your upper back starting to hurt, it is best to stop any activities that may cause this discomfort. Use a heating pad on the affected area for twenty-minute on/off increments to reduce your pain. This increases the blood flow in the area and promotes healing.

What Our Chiropractors Can Do To Help

Chiropractic care is a great way to relieve upper back pain. One of our chiropractors will evaluate the extent of your injury and provide treatment recommendations. All of our treatment plans do not require the use of medication. In many cases, spinal adjustments will work well for reducing pain right away. You may need subsequent appointments depending on the severity of your pain. Massage therapy, lifestyle changes, and exercise may also be included in your treatment plan for upper back pain.

Get Upper Back Pain Relief from our chiropractors in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Triangle Areas

If you are experiencing upper back pain, contact Chiropractic Partners of the Triangle to meet with one of our chiropractors for an assessment. Contact one of our many locations that is close to you by checking out our locations page and scheduling your appointment today!


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