Check out these tips for a longer & healthier life!

Did you know that brisk walking and adequate sleep are associated with a longer life? Even up to 20 years!  

Check out this info from Eat This, Not That shared to us from our Chiropractic Partners Clayton location

1) The link between sleep, exercise and your lifespan:

Daily brisk walking can help offset poor sleep, which can be associated with a number of health problems. "Scientists have long established that poor sleep is associated with a shorter life, and so is a lack of exercise. But according to the new study, the "joint effects" of living with both poor sleep and poor inactivity "remain unknown." Ultimately, the researchers set out to see how exercise and sleep, when both taken into account, will impact your risk of death." (credit: Eat this, not that)

2) Can't sleep? Try walking!  

Researchers found that walking at least 2.5 hrs. per week could eliminate poor sleep and reduce your risk of an early death. Here's what one researcher concluded: "If you get terrible sleep and you don't exercise, you're nearly 60% more likely to die early compared to someone who exercises and sleeps well. You're also nearly 70% more likely to get heart disease and will have a 45% higher risk of cancer." (credit: author William Mayle)

3) WHO guidelines:

The World Health Organization's (WHO) established guidelines recommends all adults over the age of 18 aspire for 2.5-5 hrs per week of moderate to vigorous forms of exercise.  This can be brisk walking, running or other forms of cardiovascular exercises. 

4) Amazing benefits of walking!

In conclusion: Exercise more > sleep better > eat better > make better decisions > feel better and achieve a longer lifespan! So, grab a friend, neighbor, family member or even your dog and head out for a daily walk!  Your body will thank you!

If back, neck or joint pain is holding you back from getting adequate exercise or proper sleep, our team at Chiropractic Partners can help! 

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