Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is not a really “disease” but more of a degeneration condition of your spine. As we age, so does our spine. We start to lose the fluid that’s in-between our discs and when this happens; our discs become less flexible, and begin to deteriorate. 

Sometimes we don’t even feel pain, but typical early symptoms are popping or grinding of the joints, back pain or stiffness, and decreased flexibility.  We can help you understand by showing you on your X-ray and looking at the disc spaces.  

There are a number of spinal problems that can lead to back pain, hip pain or nerve impingement that affects daily function. Let Chiropractic Partners help determine if degenerative disc disease is the cause of your back pain or poor mobility.  

We all know the risks of letting your car go past that 3,000 mile mark, or going 5 years without getting your teeth checked. Why wait until your body “fails to start” or “falls apart” before getting checked for Degenerative Disc Disease or other spinal problems. If you begin to experience numbness, tingling, aches and pains in your spine or legs at any time, call us immediately. These are all warning signs, (your engine light is on!) It’s your body’s way of telling you there is a potential problem. 

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