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Weighted blanket for better sleep?

Thinking of getting a weighted blanket?  Some people think it's not just for medical purposes, but acts as a general sleep aid.  The weighted blanket's goal is to gently press you as you sleep, thereby holding you still and supported 'til morning.

Studies have also shown It may also help with restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and increase serotonin. (article from Forbes magazine)

Before you go out and purchase additional sleeping products you should read this advice from our North Raleigh chiropractor, Dr. Brian Ransone.

Here are some extra thoughts from Dr Ransone at our North Raleigh, NC location:

  • Anything we can do to minimize the use of chemical sleep aids is a plus. 

  • Consider minimizing screen time before going to bed as it excites the nervous system. 

  • We see that when patients have dysfunction in the spinal vertebrae it can cause excitation of the sympathetic nervous system as described by osteopathic researcher Kohr in the early 80’s (hypersympathetictonia). This can lead to disturbance of normal nerve system function and lead to decreased sleep. 

  • We observe many patients sleep better after chiropractic care!

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