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Words from Dr. Wallace

We all hope to find a career or service that is fulfilling and gives us a sense of purpose. You know you have discovered yours when you love waking up to it every day; I found this in Chiropractic!  I love my work and find gratification in sharing my knowledge and abilities, and supporting others in reaching better physical and mental health.  Abstaining from my work has been the most difficult part of this experience; I miss every day and each patient!  What I did not expect was the return of favor I am blessed with!  The cards, words of encouragement, and prayers that each of you have sent have been overwhelming. I am blessed to have, as Dr. Silver has expressed, some of the greatest patients!

Now on to my status! I am getting stronger every day; I hate sitting still, but realize it is part of the process. As most would expect, I’m getting back to my old self and am managing to annoy my wife! While my body has a few more scars now, my spirit is stronger than ever. I am doing everything in my power to be back with all of you very soon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

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