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Why We Recommend Natural Pain Relief Over Pain Medication

At Chiropractic Partners, you'll often hear us use words like “holistic” or “all-natural” when it comes to pain management. Our Raleigh chiropractors believe that this form of treatment is far superior for long-term pain relief. In fact, with the growing problem of overprescribing drugs and the opiate epidemic, more families are choosing chiropractic care for the use of pain medication.

Reasons Chiropractic Care is a Better Option than Pain Medications

There are some very good, common sense reasons for choosing chiropractic care over medication for the treatment of pain.

  • Pain medications just mask pain. The simple truth is pain medication does nothing to fix the pain, it just masks it. Pain is a signal there is a problem. Pain medication stops you from noticing the signal.
  • Pain medication can be addictive. Our natural approach avoids potentially addictive medications that can simply add more issues.
  • Chiropractic care resolves pain at its core cause. Our chiropractic care manages pain by addressing its core cause, providing long-term, lasting relief.
  • There are other, additional benefits to chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is not only beneficial in relieving pain but it can restore balance in the body, increasing energy and relieving aches and pains. Chiropractic care has been proven effective in treating headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and a whole host of other physical issues.

When you consider the benefits and dangers of your choice of pain medications and chiropractic care, it's no wonder more families are making a natural choice. We hope you'll also choose Chiropractic Partners. 

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