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Chiropractic Partners of Durham would like to welcome Dr. Aaron Rickelman

Dr. Micheal Krasnov and the staff of the Chiropractic Partners of Durham would like to welcome Dr. Aaron Rickelman to the staff.

Dr. Rickelman is a December 2013 graduate of Logan University College of Chiropractic. At Logan, Dr. Rickelman received extensive training in the field of Chiropractic Medicine including further study in anatomy, diagnostic imaging, and case management. He additional was involved in many continuing education courses that focused in greater detail on motion palpation treatment techniques, treating human faulty movement patterns, and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization treatments. While in school, Dr. Rickelman had the opportunity to work many events with numerous sports medicine groups. Additionally, he was invited to provide treatment to the athletes of the University of Missouri on a routine basis and was a participating student clinician to the athletes of the 2011 Pan American Olympic Games held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Dr. Rickelman also had the opportunity to treat many veterans suffering from debilitating injuries seeking the ability to stay involved with athletics via the Disabled Athletes Sports Association.

Outside of clinical care, Dr. Rickelman has been invited to co-instruct lectures with many other chiropractors in post concussive management, motion palpation technique assessment/treatment, as well as conservative treatment and management of temporomandibular joint disorders.

While attending Logan University, not only did Dr. Rickelman receive an education but he met the love of his life, Dr. Abbi Sunner. They will be married on July 19, 2014 in Granger, IA, a small town near Abbi’s hometown.  Both are very active in the outdoors, one of the many reasons they chose to move to North Carolina.  They enjoy time on the water, cycling, running, traveling, and numerous other adventure sports.  Dr. Rickelman especially delights in being involved in the wakeboarding and boating culture in the area. The couple is also a member of Crosspointe Church in Cary where they enjoy volunteering and being plugged into biblical study groups.

Movement is health and health is performance.  Dr. Rickelman works one on one with each of his patients, improving their condition to keep them enjoying all their passions in life.  He does this by diligently assessing the movement of each joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon in the body, whether in the back or in an extremity, to ensure optimal function and performance.  The patient may be a desk jockey or a professional athlete, but each one is an athlete in their own regard and Dr. Rickelman focuses on helping the “athlete” in everyone meet their peak performance.


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