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Better sleep may start with your pillow

Here at Chiropractic Partners, we often see patients coming into our offices with headaches, neck pain, or pain going into their upper back. Upon discussing the  symptoms with patients, we often find that the cause could possibly be as simple as where they lay their head to rest.

Sleeping on a pillow that is not firm enough or too firm for you can cause symptoms such as tightness in your muscles, headaches, shooting pain, or even numbness in your arms or hands. This is due to the pillow not giving the proper support of your cervical curve in your neck. Sleeping all night without proper support for your neck can cause restlessness, snoring, or headaches.


Each person is different as to which type of pillow is best for them. Those who sleep on their back may need something that gives a firm support of the neck with a built in curve. Those who sleep on their side may need a pillow that is set higher off of the bed to support their neck and shoulder. There are also pillows that will mold to your movement for those people who move a lot in their sleep.

Talk to your chiropractor at Chiropractic Partners about a proper cervical pillow for you. The proper pillow, along with chiropractic care can help you on the path to better sleep! Call any one of our 10  locations today for an appointment today!

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