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Backpack Safety Tips From Your Chiropractors in Raleigh

Backpack Safety Tips From Your Chiropractors in Raleigh

Across the country, students are beginning to head back to school and for many, that means now is a good time to schedule an appointment for your child to see our chiropractors in Raleigh here at Chiropractic Partners. Just as back-to-school eye exams and physicals are an important part of preparing your child for the year ahead, chiropractic exams and treatments can be just as vital.

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Tips for Avoiding Back Pain in Your Child From Your Raleigh Chiropractors

One of the most common chiropractic problems school-age children experience is that of back pain. This is most common during the school year, as children have excessive strain put on their backs by heavy backpacks. For this reason, it's important to talk to your child about keeping his or her backpack light whenever possible. He or she should leave books at school that aren't required for homework.

Furthermore, make sure your child has proper posture. With increasing use of electronics (such as tablets and smartphones) in children these days, many end up with a case of what's known as "text neck," which can result in neck and lower back pain. When possible, limit the amount of time your child spends on his or her mobile devices each day to avoid posture problems down the road. These are both problems commonly seen and treated by many of our Raleigh chiropractors.

The Importance of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

In addition to taking your own steps to protect your child's spinal health, it's also important to seek professional pediatric chiropractic care for your child when needed. Regular spinal adjustments and other chiropractic services can help keep your child's spine healthy, which can reduce problems later in life. Here in our office, we specialize in pediatric chiropractic care and have 10 convenient locations to best serve you.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If your child hasn't had his or her back-to-school chiropractic appointment, now is the time to contact Chiropractic Partners to set up an appointment. Find the office most convenient for you and give us a call to schedule your first appointment!

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