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A local Durham gym owner suggested I visit Dr. Krasnov since I was suffering from chronic pain in my lower back, hips and gluteal area. Dr. Krasnov diagnosed me with scoliosis, and saw the effects on the right side of my body. When I first saw Dr. Krasnov, I could not comfortably practice or teach yoga. Simple activities like walking were always painful. The scoliosis was having a negative impact on my quality of life. After chiropractic treatment from Dr. Krasnov, I only have discomfort when I wake up in the morning. This is a huge improvement! The rest of the day I am totally pain free. Now I can teach yoga again, and I've gone on several challenging hiking trips that wouldn't have been possible if not for Dr. Krasnov. In the past, I had stopped chiropractic treatment when acute symptoms subsided. Now I know better, and continue to come for regular preventative chiropractic care. Since I have started chiropractic treatment with Dr. Krasnov, I am pleased to say, I feel better then I have in 20 years.  

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