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  • The Importance of Ergonomics at Home
    The Importance of Good Ergonomics at Home Home is where we feel most at ease, let our hair down, and relax. However, many of the repetitive strain injuries and posture related Read more
  • Travel Pain? Chiropractic Partners Can Help!
    How to Prevent Pain While Traveling Do you suffer from neck or back pain for days after a long car, plane, bus, or train trip? Sitting for hours stresses your spine, Read more
  • Try This Smoothie for a Healthy Microbiome!
    Want to know what to add to your smoooooothie for a healthy microbiome?   What's a mircrobiome?  "The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes - bacteria, fungi, protozoa and Read more
  • Massage Therapy Is Available Again
    Massage Therapy Available Again at Chiropractic Partners Chiropractic Partners is pleased to announce that massage therapy is once again available at most of our locations in the NC triangle. We are Read more
  • Text Neck
    Chiropractic Partners Offers Help For Painful “Text Neck" Technology has offered many benefits for communication and organization, but it has also led to several physical disorders. “Text neck” is a condition Read more
  • Nutrition and Immunity
    Nutrition and Immunity: An Evidence-Based Review- Article from Dynamic Chiropractic  By James P. Meschino, DC, MSPreventing viral-induced respiratory tract infections largely depends on the efficiency of the body's immune system. Should Read more
  • Do you love Chiropractic Partners?
    Do you love Chiropractic Partners?  Yes! Of course you do, so we would be extremely grateful if you would vote us for the best Chiropractor for 2020! We sure would be Read more
  • Let Chiropractic Partners help with your shoulder pain!
    Chiropractic Partners is here to help treat your shoulder pain with gentle and drug-free techniques and/or therapies.  The ultimate goal of receiving chiropractic care for shoulder pain is to bring the Read more
  • Don't forget this EASY advice to stay healthy!
    Here are 5 EASY ways to boost your overall health!  Seems like we can forget simple, easy advice...But you can rest assure that WE ARE OPEN as an ESSENTIAL healthcare Read more
  • Inactivity Can Cause Potential Sports Injuries
    Inactivity Can Cause Potential Sports Injuries A lack of exercise can cause an array of detrimental effects, including a higher risk of death. Unfortunately, with the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown, Read more
    Check out Dr. Krasnov performing a cupping procedure on Dr. Allard at our Durham/Chapel Hill NC location.  Cupping can help with tension, pain, and can be very beneficial for sports injuries! Read more
  • Body Posture Working From Home
    Are You Suffering from Neck Strain or Back Pain? Working from home these days is becoming the new normal. Unfortunately, stiff, sore muscles and joints are too. Good body posture is Read more
  • Have you become a caregiver during this pandemic?
    Staying healthy should be everyone's priority in general, but especially now more than ever.  If you have found yourself taking care of someone that is sick, elderly, or just providing Read more
    If you have been in an auto accident or struggling with pain from a previous one, Chiropractic Partners is here to help!  Did you know that prompt chiropractic care can shorten recovery time, reduce Read more
  • Kids going back to school, college or daycare? Bring them to see Chiropractic Partners! WE ARE OPEN!
    Above Pic- Dr. Sullivan at our Cary, NC location With the recent clearance by the NC Governor to open schools In August 2020,  you can rest assure that Chiropractic Partners is Read more

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