Achieving Back Pain Relief with Help from Chiropractors

Back pain can be debilitating, keeping us from the things we love or need to do. About 16 million adults in the United States have to deal with chronic back pain and is the sixth mostly costly health condition Americans are suffering with. Thankfully, our caring staff at Chiropractic Partners Corporate in Clayton, NC, is well-trained and able to bring you relief. 


The Causes of Back Pain Chiropractors Can Treat Successfully

  • Misaligned vertebrae 
  • Herniated disc
  • Muscle strain 
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica

Complete Wellness from Chiropractors

Your chiropractor is interested in your overall health, not just treating your pain. He or she will try to get to the root cause of your pain by first performing a comprehensive examination. Your chiropractor will concentrate on correcting that problem, while at the same time treating the symptoms caused by that problem.

Neck Pain and Your Upper Back

If you have pain in your shoulders, it can possibly be traced to your neck. A misaligned vertebra or herniated disk can refer pain to other parts of your body. By nudging the vertebra or herniated disc back into place, many aches and pains across your back and upper body can be resolved.  

Definitions and procedures:

  • Misaligned vertebrae: When a vertebra slips out of place, chiropractors fix this condition by manually manipulating the vertebra back into position. A dislocated vertebra can push up against a nerve and a misaligned spine puts improper pressure on your back muscles. 
  • Herniated disc: These are caused by the gel-like interior fluid of a spinal disk rupturing through its outer wall. Oftentimes, the rupture presses against a nerve, causing pain. Chiropractors work the herniated disc back into a more normal position and away from the nerve. 

Lower Back Pain and Your Sciatic Nerve

A dislocated vertebra or herniated disc can happen anywhere in your spinal column. This is true also in your lower back, known as the lumbar section of your spine. These can be addressed as described above.

Your sciatic nerve is also part of your lower spine. It splits there and runs through your pelvis and down your legs. Any inflammation or pressure that impinges the sciatic nerve can cause pain. Determining and correcting what is aggravating your sciatic nerve will start to alleviate this pain. 

Poor Posture and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Being hunched over a desk or work station constantly, being in an unsupported sitting position, or practicing improper lifting techniques puts pressure on your back muscles. Over time, the cumulative effect of this pressure can cause problems, especially in your lower back. 

Chiropractors will make sure your back is aligned properly. They will help you with exercises to correct any muscle issues. They will also suggest how you can work, stand, and sit in a fashion that will help your posture.

Repetitive motion injuries can cause tears in your muscles. They also can cause inflammation in your tendons and ligaments. Inflammation will put pressure against your nerves and cause pain.

Massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound have all been proven effective in treating inflammation and helping your muscles heal. 

Chiropractors Can Help You with Your Back Pain

There are many causes of chronic back pain. You can trust our team at Chiropractic Partners Corporate in Clayton, NC, to help you with your back pain. Call us today at any one of our 11 locations to set up an appointment for a consultation and comprehensive exam. We will help restore your wellness. 


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