Back Pain

Back Pain

It seems everyone has an incident leading to back pain. It’s known to be the most common medical issue in the United States. While back pain normally is minor or acute, usually healing within six weeks or so. If pain persists longer than three months it is then considered severe, or chronic. At Chiropractic Partners of NC, our mission is to help restore your health returning you back to your life in a holistic and safe manner.  

Back Pain

Back Pain – What’s the Cause

There are a variety of causes for back pain from the minor to severe. The most common causes are due to overstraining the back muscles and ligaments usually from wrong lifting, bending or twisting. Even poor posture can lead to back pain. More serious causes could be:

  • Injury
  • Rupture Disks
  • Bulging Disks
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Kidney problems

Getting Back Pain Relief

In minor back pain cases, the pain goes away with an at-home treatment of hot and cold therapy and some over the counter medicine. If the pain lasts longer and an over the counter medication is not providing relief a visit back to your primary doctor is advised. X- rays, MRI’s and blood test might be done to discover the problem as well as stronger medications prescribed to help alleviate the pain such as muscle relaxants. Pain-relieving creams over the counter and prescribed can also be a beneficial treatment. Narcotics (drugs containing opiates) can also be prescribed for pain relief, though are not the best if your pain is chronic. Antidepressants in low doses can also be used in back pain treatment as they have been shown to help reduce chronic pain in some people. If all else fails, there are injections that can be done that inject a medication that numbs around the spinal cord area. The injections last a few months and then you have to go back to get another one.

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All this can be tiring though, and many people look for an alternate form of treatment like physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor. That is our staff at Chiropractic Partners NC, we want to provide you with a simpler approach to pain relief. We know all the myth and beliefs about seeing a chiropractor, and we are here to talk you through them. With 11 locations, there is bound to be a CP office near you. We have 4 locations in Raleigh, and others in Clayton, Durham, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, and Wake Forest. Call or message us for more info and to schedule an appointment today!

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