Are You Suffering With Injuries From a Recent or Previous Auto Accident?

Our father-son duo at Chiropractic Partners of Raleigh (Capital Blvd) is here to help!   If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you might be thinking that you're most likely okay and continue with your usual daily routine.  It could be low back or neck pain, shoulder or arm pain, or even just feeling a little stiff and uncomfortable.  Come see us before the pain sets in...sometimes our chiropractors have had to treat patients whose injuries became worse because they didn't seek chiropractic care right away!

Even If You Feel Fine After An Accident, It Makes Sense to See Our Chiropractors.

Soft tissue injuries can be very common in auto accidents, even fender benders. If you are in a car accident your neck, shoulders, and ankles are three areas of the body where you may sustain an injury. Because of the nature of soft tissue injuries and how they manifest, we always recommend that clients come in for a check-up after an auto accident. Following an accident, you may feel fine only to wake up the next morning in extreme pain. Injuries such as whiplash can worsen if they go untreated for any length of time.   (Dr. Sean Smith pictured below adjusting a patient)

Dr. Sean Smith

Like many other situations in life, it is always a better route to be safer when it comes to auto accident injuries. If you were involved in an accident, it makes sense to schedule an exam right away to rule out any soft tissue injuries. Don't let your condition worsen through inattention, our team is here to help you recover from any auto accident injury.

Do You Need a Post-Accident Exam? 

Our chiropractors will take a look at any documentation, xrays, or mri that you bring (or they can request with your authorization).  This will help determine the extent of the injuries you have sustained. Using this information, along with conducting an exam to see what your range of motion and pain intensity is, will help them to devise a plan for your treatment. This often involves the manipulation of the spine, especially if headaches, neck pain, or back pain is felt. This will reduce stress upon joints and allow the body to heal properly. Massage, electric stimulation, exercises, lifestyle changes, and temperature therapy are other methods used during sessions to treat your injuries.

Our team at Chiropractic Partners of Raleigh-Capital Blvd area is proud to offer the care that our patients need after an auto accident. Even if you feel fine immediately after your accident, it always makes sense to come and see our chiropractors for a check-up if you've been involved in a car crash.

Not only can we help with auto accidents and personal injuries, but they assist with all your chiropractic needs.

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