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Car Accident Victims

Most often an automobile accident will not cause fractures or broken bones but rather soft tissue injuries. The muscles, the connective tissue that connects the muscles to the skin, ligaments, tendons, discs, all of these can be injured in a car accident. Chiropractic can manipulate and adjust to decrease swelling and muscle spasms while increasing the bio-mechanical component of the spine. Among the soft tissue techniques we use are massage type manipulation by hand, electrical therapies, ultrasounds, and others.  In addition to chiropractic manipulation, the adjustment can help put the bones back in the right place allowing soft tissues to heal properly.  This will aid not only right now but also long term. The whole idea is to help people who have suffered any sort of major trauma get back on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

Auto Accidents Treatment From Chiropractic Partners

Unfortunately, the risk of contracting an auto accident injury is relatively high if you are involved in a mishap with another vehicle. While seeing your family doctor for treatment is necessary, supplementing your visits with trips to Chiropractic Partners can be beneficial as well. Our chiropractors are seasoned in treating back pain, whiplash, and other ailments that you receive as a result of a car accident injury. Here is some information about different injuries you may obtain after a car accident and how our chiropractors can help you get relief.

Different Types Of Injuries You May Experience

The impact of a vehicle hitting another one can cause a variety of injuries to happen. Many people involved in an auto accident may experience back pain or whiplash. This is because the body is restrained in one spot, jerked backward when the vehicle hits another, and then pushed forward into the seatbelt in an awkward manner. The back of your neck may be stretched beyond its normal range of motion and your back might suffer from pain because of erratic movements. A concussion is possible if you hit your heat. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones are also possible.

What To Be On The Look Out For After An Accident Happens

If you are not experiencing any pain after an automobile accident, that does not mean you are free and clear from discomfort in the future. Many people find that they will experience pain from the accident in the upcoming days or months. After the incident, adrenaline often kicks in and masks the pain of any injuries you may have. In addition, stretched muscles and ligaments might not be recognized until your body moves around for a bit. If you experience pain, give a call to our chiropractors for an assessment.

The Treatment Our Chiropractors Will Provide 

Our chiropractors will take a look at any documentation you bring along from your regular physician to determine the extent of the injuries you had sustained. Using this information, along with conducting a physical to see what your range of motion and pain intensity is currently, will help them to devise a plan for your treatment. This often involves the manipulation of the spine, especially if headaches, neck pain, or back pain is felt. This will reduce stress upon joints and allow the body to heal properly. Massage, electric stimulation, exercises, lifestyle changes, and temperature therapy are other methods used during sessions to treat your injuries.

If you are ready to see our chiropractors for help, contact the office closest to you or reach out via our online form so we can direct your request to the appropriate office for your convenience.

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